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Translation is literary work where the text is conveyed from one language to another in such a way that its original meaning, message, and style are preserved as accurately as possible in the target language. Translation is therefore not just a direct transfer of words from one language to another, but requires in-depth language skills, cultural understanding, and communicative acumen.

Translation involves a number of challenges and nuances, which vary depending on the structure of the language and the cultural differences at play in each text. The translator must take into account not only the words but also the norms, the modes of expression and the tones of communication present in the target culture. High-quality translation requires accuracy, an understanding of cultural differences, and a careful mastery of language. When you order a translation from TranslatiOm, you can be sure that your text will be worked on by a translator who understands the principles of translation.

Linguistic revision and proofreading

A lighter option than translation is proofreading, where a native text or the phrasing and grammar of a translated text are checked and corrected if necessary.

Linguistic revision ensures the coherence and cohesion of both the message and the grammar. Revision is an excellent service to consider if you’ve received translated materials from other sources but cannot be certain of their quality.

Content production

We also provide copywriting services – i.e., text content production. These are native quality services, which means that the source language of the text may be either English or Finnish. We make sure that the text’s linguistic expression corresponds to its intended purpose, that the text is clear and understandable, and, of course, grammatically correct. High-quality text content is vitally important in current content-oriented marketing communications.

Why is quality translation so important?

In today’s fast-paced world, there is a need to convey messages in other languages. The flood of information has shaped people’s critical attitude towards media content. If the message cannot be understood easily, the message will be rejected. If the text is not of high quality, it will lose all credibility immediately.

Using a translator is the best way to get your message across as they understand both the culture of your target audience and the subject matter. Your text will still be reviewed by a native speaker of the target language before we deliver the completed translation to you.

We provide all translation services, high-quality linguistic revision, accurate proofreading, and versatile content production in a professional manner, quickly and cost-effectively. Our services include a wide range of language pairs.

We are an experienced, reliable, and modern translation agency. Check out our portfolio of work samples!

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