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Our company’s story:

TranslatiOm originates from Anu Huusko’s passion for different languages and cultures. Anu, the founder of our company, started translating as a second job in November 2011. She has a strong background in languages, as she had studied English since the age of 9; she has also completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Business as well as previous studies in English. The Finnish language is also dear to her, and she has studied many other languages over the years at the college-university level.

How TranslatiOm was born:

In 2014, Anu Huusko decided to found TranslatiOm. This decision was made after Anu decided that in addition to her day job, she would also work a “second shift” as a translator after her working day was done. From the need to provide high-quality translation services to companies and individuals directly, without additional intermediaries, TranslatiOm was born.

A success story:

TranslatiOm grew considerably in just a few years, and soon Anu Huusko was able to distribute work to other translators, too. This led to the creation of an established team that still forms the core of TranslatiOm. Our team consists of reliable freelance translators who bring a wide range of language skills and expertise to our services.

Our services:

TranslatiOm operates as a marketing company that provides translation services to customers worldwide. We rely mainly on freelance translators, whose versatile expertise makes it possible to tailor our services to the needs of our customers. Our network of translators is global, and we can offer language services in dozens of language pairs.

Partnership and reliability:

Our customers’ needs are at the heart of our business, and we strive to provide fast, accurate, and professional translation services in all language pairs. Texts are always edited by translators or proofreaders who speak the target language as their mother tongue, and we are also happy to provide our customers with translation advice.

Meet the faces behind TranslatiOm

Katrin Suie

Native Estonian who lived and worked abroad and returned to Estonia. Multifunctional businesswoman who founded and co-owned several companies and worked with and for partners in Finland, Sweden, Norway and USA. Board member of TranslatiOm Global OÜ since October 2019. She is also the CEO of the company.

Direct sales and marketing, Self-help and motivation, Health and beauty, Yoga, Nutrition, Real Estate, Tourism, Fashion, Food and cooking, Nature, Kids and pets.

Anu Huusko

Anu is the owner and operative manager of TranslatiOm, translation team supervisor, translation coordinator, and jack of all trades. Member of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL)

  • from English to Finnish
  • from Swedish to Finnish
  • from Finnish to English
  • from Danish, Norwegian, Estonian, French, and Spanish into Finnish (general topics)

Marketing, textiles, games and the construction industry.

Check out what our clients say about Anu!

”Anu has completed more than 120 projects for us, translated over 180,000 words, and completed more than 110 hours of proofreading and transcreated 9,800 words. She has translated texts in various fields, including fashion/textiles, IT, and marketing content. She adheres to all the requirements and deadlines, always provides quality work according to the project specifications. Codex Global highly recommends Anu Huusko as a reliable translator. We will continue to work with her on an ongoing basis based on her quality, performance, responsiveness and professionalism.”

Junior Editor-In-Chief
Codex Global Limited

”Our company has a long partnership with Anu, and we can confirm that we are happy with her services. Anu provides us with professional and accurate translations, and we are satisfied with her professional services into Finnish. She is efficient, pleasant to work with and sticks to the deadlines.”

VIP Group Bulgaria Ltd.

”Anu is very reliable. The communication between us works well, and the translation work is of high quality. She follows the instructions well and understands the requirements of the job. We will definitely continue to use her services.

”It was a pleasure to work with Anu. Good quality work and punctual delivery.”

“As the Quality Assurance Specialist, I can confirm that Anu Huusko has been translating from English/ Danish/ Swedish/ Norwegian into Finnish for translate plus since November 2012.

During the last year, we have collaborated with Anu Huusko on a regular basis. She has translated a total of 2,905,054 of words for us.”

Quality Assurance Specialist



Vesa is a technical expert trained in the sciences with a long history of practical experience in the ICT and automation field.

  • from English to Finnish
  • from Swedish to Finnish
  • from German to Finnish
  • from Finnish to English

ICT, automation and infrastructure.

Check out what our clients say about Vesa!

”Vesa’s technical knowledge and expertise in mechanical translations are absolutely superb. He is always personally involved in every project and his eye for detail is outstanding.”



Olga is a native Russian speaking translator who lives in Finland.

  • from English to Russian
  • from Finnish to Russian
  • from German to Russian (general topics)

Marketing, tourism, games and apps.

Check out what our clients say about Olga!

”We urgently needed a translation of a mobile game app for kids. Olga delivered a high-quality translation in a very short time frame which helped us a lot. She is a responsible, knowledgeable, polite and reliable partner. We recommend working with her!”

”The Faculty of Wood Technology from Moscow State Forest University (MSFU) would like to thank Olga for helping us with the 5th International Symposium on “WOOD, STRUCTURES, REAL ESTATE, AND QUALITY” 2014 and translated scientific publications and introductory speeches into English and German.”

Our team and I appreciate Olga because we needed high-quality translations of articles and interviews with the band Linkin Park. There are not many people who can do this type of work with high quality these days, especially when it comes to internet technology used in the music industry.

LinkinPark.RU Manager



Säde is a translator who can be said to have been born with a pen in her hand. Säde has a Master’s degree in archaeology, with minors in tourism, geology, and museum studies.

  • from English to Finnish
  • from Finnish to English

History and culture, manufacturing (e.g. Instructions and formulas), tourism, nature, and fashion.

Check out what our clients say about Säde!

”Säde assisted SinäMinä magazine for several years where I was the Editor-In-Chief. She edited columns, various texts, and articles. Säde is hard-working, reliable, punctual, and she writes articulately. Her language skills are excellent. I strongly recommend her.”

FM, Editor
Kolmiokirja Oy

”Our co-operation with the Finnish translations of sewing instructions has been easy, pleasant and fast. Our customers are happy, and the instructions were easy to read and clear. The feedback has been purely positive from my customers, and I will definitely continue to work with her.”

Signorina Services (Signorina webshop)



Marja has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and has experience with R&D welfare projects.

  • from English to Finnish
  • from Swedish to Finnish
  • from Danish to Finnish
  • from Norwegian to Finnish
  • from German to Finnish

IT, food/cooking, and assistive devices/tools.

Check out what our clients say about Marja!

”In a last couple of years, we had a numerous occasions to experience the best quality of cooperation. Marja is reliable, always professional and never late with deadlines. She provides high-quality of translations in many fields and perfectly understands our needs and requirements. Thanks to a very good communication it’salways a pleasure to work with Marja!”

– Translation Agency in Warsaw, Poland

”Marja has always been extremely helpful, competent and willing to take a step further, especially in urgent situations. She has been a pleasure to work with both as a translator and an account manager.”



Translator, copywriter and proofreader with a background in English philology and subject teacher studies.

  • from English to Finnish
  • from Finnish to English

Literature, culture, history, handicrafts (e.g. instructions and patterns), gaming and nature.



Work experience in health technology with experience and education also in automotive engineering and household/catering kitchen.

Swedish, Finnish, English, Norwegian and Danish.

Health technology, automotive technology, food.



Native English speaking proofreader and editor.

Check out what our clients say about Mark!

”Mark was recommended to me by a colleague and he turned out to be the best copy-editor and proofreader I have ever worked with. He not only corrected grammar and spelling in a very accurate manner but he has an acute sense of the various shades of meaning, and is capable of suggesting different possible solutions indicating precisely what each of these different options imply and mean. My enthusiasm is echoed by the contributors to [collected essays on Soft Law and Validity]. They come from countries as diverse as Hungary and Italy and they all shared my experience that Mark is capable of understanding what they probably had in mind (but did not adequately express). Mark seemed to understand these texts easily, although most were rather abstract and came from different legal cultures.”

Faculty of Law
University of Groningen

”I worked with three other copy editors in the past, but since 2015 I do all my copy editing with Mark. I very much appreciate Mark’s ability to suggest rewording of often complex arguments in legal and political philosophy and his clear explanations that accompany the changes he suggests. Mark is very attentive to detail … At times, I ask Mark to shorten my text so that it matches the word limit imposed by a journal and he does a perfect job on this.”

Institute of Philosophy
Leiden University

”Thank you very much for your work. It is illuminating to see the patterns in the mistakes you have corrected.”

Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities,
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

”I will definitely recommend you to colleagues and students. We are always in need of good English proof readers”

Associate Professor of International Law
University of Vienna

”Mark has been proofreading my book The Gold Mine Effect with great engagement as well as competence.”

The High Performance Anthropologist



Sales and Customer Care

Native Portuguese living in Finland with an entrepreneurial mind. Experience in customer acquisition, digital marketing, and web development.

Finnish, English, Portuguese, Spanish

Customer acquisition, digital marketing, web development

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