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”As the Quality Assurance Specialist, I can confirm that the agency TranslatiOm Finland have been translating from English/ Danish/ Swedish/Norwegian/German into Finnish and Estonian for translate plus since November 2012. During the last year, we have collaborated with TranslatiOm Finland on a regular basis. Тhey have translated a total of 2,905,054 of words for us.”

Quality Assurance Specialist
Translate Plus

”The TranslatiOm team has worked for Baltic Media in translation, proofreading and quality assurance projects from English into Finnish of different subjects in the volume of approximately 243,142 words in various subject areas, such as fashion, naval technology, foodstuff, medical appliances and EC related texts since 2015.”

Head of Internal Audit Department
Baltic Media – Global Language Services

”We hereby confirm that TranslatiOm has performed translation and proofreading services for DELTA international from English, Swedish and German into Finnish since 2016. The total volume comprises approximately 205,000 words and nearly 200 projects form various subject areas such as security technology, lubricants, mobile technology, power tools and materials handling since. We are very satisfied with the quality and punctuality of TranslatiOm and look forward to our continued collaboration.”

Global Resource Management
DELTA International

”We do hereby confirm that we have been co-operating with TranslatiOm since 2018 in the areas of language services, i.e. translation, proofreading and quality assurance. In the frame of this co-operation, TranslatiOm has translated over 467,656 words from English / Swedish to Finnish and from Finnish to English, having to do with the following subject matters like fashion, cosmetics, accounting and hardware store products.”

Member of the Board
LUISA – Translation Agency

Reviewing our user interface with TranslatiOm was a process that took just one working day, and everything went smoothly.  We don’t have the professional English vocabulary level that this process required, so a quality assurance check by a professional was a great choice to ensure the functionality of our program. We’re very satisfied with the end result.

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PerfectUX Client

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