Welcome to TranslatiOm

We are an international translation service provider.
Our primary working languages are:

English > Finnish > English
Swedish / Danish / Norwegian > Finnish
English / Finnish > Russian / Estonian

We can also provide services of an enormous network of freelance translators for your language needs. Please see our people for more information.

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About Us

Welcome, and thank you for visiting TranslatiOm website. We are a worldwide network of reliable translators, who love this job. TranslatiOm listens to your needs, and finds the most suitable team to deliver your work. We pay attention to details, work hard and use the best reference resources available off- and online.

Our Mission

We believe that less is more. That means you will get the job done for a reasonable price, directly from the people, who will do the job, and are most suitable for your needs. Hence, your assignment won’t take a world tour across several agencies, leaving the translator with only a small fraction of the price the customer is paying. We play fair. We divide the total cost of the project based on the actual workload, not outsourcing skills.


The services we offer are translation, proofreading, copywriting, quality assurance, and voice jobs.

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